Healthier Lives Through Remote Whole Blood Collection

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Working to make blood collection easy and simple for all

Woman holding TAP II blood collection device
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Woman wearing TAP II
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Consumers, doctors, wellness-providers and labs love our devices

Easy to Use

Single-button activation
and nearly painless with no large needles


Collect at your convenience, without phlebotomy

Whole Blood

Sterile and safe sample collection

Remote and Direct

High quality and secure remote collections that fit into lab workflows

Everyone deserves a healthy life with easy access to healthcare.​

And because 70% of healthcare decisions are driven by diagnostic testing, everyone deserves easy access to diagnostics.​

We love solving challenging problems

Seventh Sense Biosystems develops technology designed to serve the needs of everyone in the blood collection ecosystem.

Whether you are a diagnostic lab, an equipment manufacturer, a direct-to-consumer health and wellness provider, or another innovator in the healthcare space, we’re ready and excited to work with you.

Let’s use TAP to make your patients and customers healthier and happier!

The team at Seventh Sense is here to discuss how we can solve your needs:

200 Boston Avenue, Suite 3700
Medford, MA 02155 USA

Remote Self-Collected Whole Blood with an FDA Cleared Device

Seventh Sense designs and develops push-button blood collection devices that make the blood collection process simple, convenient, and more comfortable.

Everyone deserves a healthy life with easy access to healthcare.​
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