Tim Richards

Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Richards joined Seventh Sense Biosystems in 2013, bringing a diverse set of international experience and expertise in general management, operations, commercial management, and strategy in the medical device field. Prior to Seventh Sense, Mr. Richards was president of Facet Technologies, a supplier to major diagnostic companies. Previous experience includes executive-level positions at Covidien, where he was president of US patient care and safety, and president of VNUS, a $440 million acquisition. He was also the chief marketing officer at B. Braun Medical, and held a number of commercial and strategic leadership positions with Becton Dickinson & Company in the US and Asia.

Mr. Richards received his BA from Lake Forest College and has participated in executive management and organizational development programs at Stanford Business School, the European School of Management and Technology, and American University.

Tim Richards

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Remote Self-Collected Whole Blood with an FDA Cleared Device

Seventh Sense designs and develops push-button blood collection devices that make the blood collection process simple, convenient, and more comfortable.

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