Unlocking access to the blood samples needed to drive healthier lives.

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TAP® II and TAP® are built to meet your needs

Our products emphasize the end user and patient, aiming to make healthcare activities easier, more welcoming, and more comfortable, while maintaining the highest sample quality, enhancing the standard of care.


Collect the blood sample you need, when and where it is convenient for you

More comfortable

Collecting on the arm using microneedles for a collection that has consistently low pain scores*

* Data on file at Seventh Sense

Less stress

Blood collection does not need to be a disruption to your daily life when you are in control

Reimagine the world of blood-collection

Our products aim to deliver self-collection of blood samples, enabling nearly-painless collection by lay persons.

TAP is the world’s first cleared push-button blood collection device.

TAP II is designed to retain the user-centric focus of TAP while expanding the collected blood volume up to 250 µL, along with other beneficial new features.


  • Collection volume: Up to 250 µL of whole blood
  • Detachable microtube
  • CE Mark Approved


  • Collection volume: Up to 100 µL of whole blood
  • Self-collection with a single button push
  • CE Mark Approved and FDA Cleared

The Seventh Sense Experience

Seventh Sense technology is designed to serve the needs of everyone who relies on our products. We designed these products for you, our patients, consumers, healthcare providers, health / wellness providers, and laboratory users.

Read on to learn more about the Seventh Sense experience for you and reach out to us to learn more!

For Diagnostic Labs

A lab technician working in a lab

Remote blood-collection enables labs to service hard-to-reach patients, making it viable for people everywhere to collect their own blood and transport the sample to your laboratory for a test result.

Our products aim to maintain the highest quality blood sample and provide a range of whole-blood and separated sample volumes. We work closely with our lab partners to ensure that samples can be integrated into existing processing workflows and analytical equipment.

For Health and Wellness Providers

A swimmer in open water

You have a consumer health care assay that will help people enjoy healthier lives, and your customers need to collect a high-quality blood sample to benefit from the information you provide.  Seventh Sense enables you to show your customers you care by delivering the best possible user experience during home-based blood collection. 

You can provide top-tier user experience and care to your customers, including opportunities to customize our products for a seamless brand experience.

For Patients

Holding hands
When the time comes for you to have your blood collected, Seventh Sense technology aims to empower you to collect your own blood in a clean, simple, nearly-painless way, wherever it is convenient for you.

For Physicians

Physicians at work

As a physician, you want to provide your patients the best possible experience during blood collection; Seventh Sense wants to be your partner in making that a reality. We seek to enable you to provide top-tier healthcare while taking care of your patients and customers with the care and respect they deserve.

Serve your patients with diagnostic-driven guidance based on analytics derived from whole-blood samples, without ever needing phlebotomy.

The team at Seventh Sense is here to discuss how we can solve your needs:

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Remote Self-Collected Whole Blood with a CE Marked Device

Seventh Sense designs and develops push-button blood collection devices that make the blood collection process simple, convenient, and more comfortable.

Everyone deserves a healthy life with easy access to healthcare.​
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