Getting a high-quality capillary whole blood sample can be easy, nearly-painless, private, and frustration-free.

Seventh Sense Biosystems is enhancing lives by improving the blood collection experience and expanding safe access

Seventh Sense Biosystems is an innovative medical device company advancing disruptive, cutting-edge approaches to the way we draw blood.

Seventh Sense designed and developed TAP®, the world’s first push-button blood collection device, which makes the blood process simple, convenient, and more comfortable. With a pipeline of innovative additions to continue to improve the blood collection ecosystem, Seventh Sense is eager to enable healthier lives by enabling improved access to blood diagnostics.

Patients have their blood drawn more than a billion times a year with a needle or finger lancet, which often require an in-person interaction and cause anxiety and discomfort for the patient.

Now, patients can simply place the TAP device on their upper arm and begin collecting blood with the push of a button. This innovation provides easier and more cost-effective access to high quality central lab testing and is a game-changer for the health care system and patients.

Remote whole blood collection solutions that meet all your needs

User-Centric Experience

Seeking the convenience and privacy of self-collection, and a less-painful blood collection experience​

Optimized Technology

Seeking a more convenient and less painful alternative to venipuncture, with higher sample volume and blood quality than finger stick​

Convenient Capillary Collection

Seeking easier and broader access to remotely-collected high-quality blood samples concordant with known analytes​

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Remote Self-Collected Whole Blood with an FDA Cleared Device

Seventh Sense designs and develops push-button blood collection devices that make the blood collection process simple, convenient, and more comfortable.

Everyone deserves a healthy life with easy access to healthcare.​
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